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Company Profile

IPP is a UK manufacturer of innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly products for the Construction Industry. Based in Essex the company was founded over a decade ago with a background in thermal
insulation and roofing materials. The company is constantly evolving with new product lines for Architects
and Builders, available through a network of distributors across the UK who can provide next day service
and technical support.

Market Sector

New Build & Refurbishment
Alumaflex, Ballytherm, Natuwool, Magply and Natuhemp can all be installed in different building applications,
these include timber frame, loft conversions and new build. They have the capability of reducing energy loss and providing building inhabitants with free passive energy absorbed from solar gain, whilst the high thermal mass in Natuwool helps reduce peak temperatures.


Natuwool is a hygroscopic fibre and is therefore able to absorb, store and release moisture faster than most other materials. Natuwool can absorb over 35% of its own weight in moisture without significant changes to thermal performance whereas the thermal performance of man-made mineral fibre insulation can deteriorate when condensation is present. Independent research
clearly illustrates that as moisture levels increase, no significant changes to thermal conductivity will occur. This consistency demonstrates the versatility of sheep’s wool insulation and an ability to cope in contrasting environments and levels of humidity.

Period Properties
Natural Insulations are often the preferred choice by organisations such as Historical Scotland, The National Trust and English Heritage. The hygroscopic nature of Black Mountain Insulation can actually draw moisture out from the timber and other fabrics of the building

Quality Control

The materials used in our production are carefully selected. Eg. Sheep’s Wool is available in many formats but to have the best Hygrothermal Performance, long fibres are used with minimal binder, these fibres not only
can absorb 35% of their own weight in moisture vapour without losing insulation value they also have a
greater surface area to bond airborne VOCs; both features improve the air quality of your building

Environmental Policy

IPP continue to look at ways to reduce CO2 emissions in their approach and with new products.
The Black Mountain range of insulation products have a part to play in the carbon cycle. Natuwool and
Natuhemp bond to VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and remove them from the atmosphere. Both are Hygrothermal in that they absorb moisture from the atmosphere and subsequently dissipate it as the fabric
of the building heats up in Spring/Summer producing a very elegant moisture control system. By allowing
the structure to breathe whilst maintaining thermal resistance Black Mountain Naturals help to conserve the building, improve air quality and maximise thermal efficiency. Black Mountain Natural Insulation present no health risk to the installer or the residents of the building. They also have the ability to absorb moisture,
reducing the risk of consequent moulds and bacteria activity. Not only does Black Mountain use up to 90% less embodied energy in comparison to many man-made insulation products, the wool and hemp fibres used in our products permanently absorb significant quantities of carbon dioxide during their growth cycle.
Therefore natural fibre insulation products are ‘carbon negative’ – locking up a substantially higher level of carbon than used during their manufacture.
Whilst natural insulation products such as sheep’s wool and hemp insulation and hemp insulation have an extended life span in comparison to many man-made alternatives, they can still be composted or recycled at the end of their life span. Landfill sites are not a sustainable option for truly sustainable products.

Technical Support & Distribution

Full technical support is available both in office and online with comprehensive installation instructions,
U-Value calculations, detail drawings and comprehensive installation video instructions, U-Value calculator.
IPP and the Black Mountain Range of materials are all available throughout the UK via a
network of merchants.


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